Week 1:
This week was the start of our intership course, Dr. Abernathy welcome us to the course and reassure that we can all get thru, if we work at it. This may me feel much better. Main point of conference was talking about the Technology Standards and how we accomplish them in our course work. We were reminded to refer to them in our reflections. This was a short web conference, I got their late, and had audio trouble.

Week 2:
This week was to help clairify issue that the group has gotten into. The main problem for me was what a embedded course reflection was. Also we discussed issue of APA. I am still confused and not sure if I'll get thru the program. I think I just need to get the first week assignment back so I can get feedback.

Week 2 add.
Wednesday we covered all the issue related to APA citation. I am now very worried about passing, very low grade. The biggest lift was that to know I was not the only one having issues. I've redirected my writing to reflect more of my understanding of standards. Overall this webinar help, it resolved some of my question concern week one feedback, now can I correct them.

Week 3:
Discussion center around graduation requirements, also APA citation. I still am not getting the little things about references. Small group, I listen and read transcripts, due to Sunday dinner with family.
Week 4:
Sat. 7/30 9 am
Discussed about optional cite sources such as famous quotes to be used in reflections. Also, discuss the comp exam paper. How it will be graded again. Small group...4 of us. Dr, A was saying she needed to resch. Sunday online discussion.