Table of Content

Week 1
Acquiring and Analyzing Campus Information

Week 2
Site Based Decision Making
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Week 3
Budget Analysis

Week 4
Schedule Analysis

Week 5
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Leadership and Mangement

I believe it is more important to be an effective leader than a manager. A manager must be able to organize materials, resources, time, etc. while a leader must be able to motivate his staff and students to strive for, and achieve, their personal best. The more organized a leader is, the more consistent policies and campus plans will most likely be, but if you are not as effective in management as others, many of these tasks can be assigned to others (under your supervision). Motivation and getting your staff to strive for their best and go to all lengths for the good of their students is not something that can easily be administered by others. As a coach, I recently had some parents questioning my authority and decisions that were made in the best interest of the team, but were not what they wanted for their individual child. Meeting with the parents, my athletic director and myself, I began with the parents concerns and let them know I understood their concerns and why, as an individual student, their child might not like my decision, but was able to show them how it was better for the good of the team as a whole. At the end of the meeting, the parents agreed with the basis for the decision and understood my reasoning.
Course Reflection
As a campus administrator, I would look at my CIP to determine some of the critical needs areas of the budget. For example, my wife works in an elementary school of low SES students (about 90%) so one of the key elements in their budget is field trips for kids to be able to gain experiences to use as understand background information that they would not be exposed to otherwise. These trips help to make many of their concepts more meaningful, thereby increasing the overall learning of the student body. The schedule would be created to meet the needs of as many students as possible. In my case, for my school, most students require AP or pre-AP classes as about 98% attend a 4 year college or university. For me, learning the variety of methods for decision making and management styles has allowed me to adapt some of these methods for use in the classroom. I can see the variety being useful as an administrator so that during PDH or planning meetings with my staff, I could try a myriad of methods to impart and gain valuable information. Finally, I think it allowed me to try to remember to see things from a variety of perspectives and to try to be more open in my thinking about or understanding of where some staff members are coming from. We all tend to think our way is the right way – remembering there are other ways can be a valuable tool.