Course EDLD 5364

Course EDLD 5364
Teaching with Technology:

A. Demonstrate skills to support teachers as they implement curriculum plans to integrate technology to enhance student learning. Candidates will collect and analyze data from teachers related specifically to student learning.

B. As campus professional development activity, create a wiki-based study group with 8 teachers leading and support teachers who each create a lesson using Universal Design for Learning at the CAST Lesson Building at, create a sample electronic book to share with your learning team members. Lastly, add a team reflection to your Google site about about the process of creating an electronic book.

In Teaching with Technology I explored three theories for learning, the constructivism theory, the connectivism theory, and the cyborg learning theory and their implications for teaching with technology.

I participated in a learning team and collaborated on a solution to a scenario-based group project using Web 2.0 tools and other technology applications. I also designed a student-centered learning experience with technology and provided a rationale for technology activities designed for diverse learners.

I read about ways that Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can be used to provide individual students with appropriate instructional support and challenge. One article I read from chapter 6 of Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning stated that “Successful learning experiences challenge and support each learner appropriately and adjust as the learner changes over time. The goal of UDL is to provide every student this kind of customized and responsive experience" (Rose & Meyer, 2002).

Table of Contents

Week 1:

  1. Link to Group Assignment Google Doc

  2. Link to Group Assignment Google Site

  3. Reflection of Knowledge Learned for Week 1

Week 2:

  1. Reflection of Knowledge Learned for Week 2

Week 3

  1. E-book Project Week 3

  2. UDL Lesson Plan Personal Week 3

  3. Reflection of E-Book

  4. Reflection of Knowledge Learned for Week 3

  5. Reflection of UDL Lesson Plan Design

Week 4

1. Reflection of Knowledge Learned for Week 4

Week 5

1. Reflection of Knowledge Learned for Week 5

2. Final Team Reflection for the Group Project

3. Final Course Reflection for Teaching with Technology