Online Learning Community Project
This project was develop to teach us how to use wikis to structure a learning community to coordinate a task.

Purposed Agenda Project
This project was develop to teach us how to develop a online agenda for a course meeting using a wiki.

Timeline Agenda Project
This project was develop to practice using a wiki to develop timelines for meeting agendas using a wiki.

Week 2
Part 1 Campus STar Chart Analysis
Part 2 Creating and Using a Blog
Part 3 Creating and posting a Slide Presentation


Week 5 Course Reflection

Link to STar Chart and Technology Plan

Teaching and Learning the Next Step

In our school district, the next area that I believe our district needs to continue to focus is teaching and learning, as this area develops the students ability to use technology in school and in their future endeavors utilizing higher order thinking skills. Our educator preparation and development key area has continued to climb over the past 3 years, indicating that teachers have the basic technology skills needed to integrate its use in the classroom environment. However, as indicated by the teachers in my district and according to the state summary, the use is still more teacher directed, and ultimately, needs to be student directed with the teacher as more of a facilitator. This is a much harder step for teachers to reach, as it first requires teachers to let go of traditional teacher roles as the person who imparts knowledge that students then use, and requires, if you will, a more socratic or hands off approach. It takes more time, as students need the time to figure out what to do (with teacher insight and hints), work with their peers and develop thier own project or idea at their own pace and ability level. This truly allows the student's lesson to be uniquely differentiated to his/her own needs and abilities, but it also requires the teacher to have a much broader scope in assignments and lesson. While elementary teachers are sometimes more used to these variances in students achievement and ability due to the student's developmental levels, high school teachers are traditionally focused on more content driven academia, rather than technology driven lessons. I believe teachers will now need more mentor support and team support on how to fashion and grade lessons utilizing technology and how to serve more as a facilitator and less as an instructor. PDH sessions need to now be refined to the art of teaching as facilitator. Mentors who are already proficient in the use of technology need to be assigned, and teams need time to talk thru and develop lesson plans that allow a broader range of technology options for the students.