Week 5 Reflection:
This week’s lesson was entitled “Reflecting upon Teaching in Technology.” In our readings this week, we examined some practical ways to use technology activities to guide students to deeper understanding and reflection. In the videos, we explored what “big thinkers” had to say about the future of education and technology. Lastly, we reflected upon what we have learned throughout the course by posting comments to the class discussion board, our personal blog, and our group Google site.
I thought a great deal this week about the value of reflective thinking. As a teacher and a coach I use reflective listening techniques in working with students to help them solve their own problems and overcome challenges and barriers to their academic and athletic success. I have come to see how using our class discussion board, writing on our blogs and wikis, and completing our group and individual reflection assignments enhances our learning process. From my own personal experience, since I began participating in social networking sites and blogging, my own reflective thinking skills have increased tremendously. Before I began this course, Teaching with Technology, I don't think I had a true appreciation or understanding of the importance and value of the skill of reflective thinking.