Reflection on UDL Lesson Plan Design

This week we worked on four assignments in our Teaching with Technology class. In one assignment we designed and created a lesson plan using the Lesson Builder tool from the Center of Applied Special Technology (CAST) web site. We practiced using the CAST Universal Design for Learning (UDL) site to explore new ways to apply UDL principles to engage all students in our classroom.

When I first started this project, I felt very overwhelmed about the project and the template. But as I reviewed the sample lesson plans and reviewed my own lesson plans that I currently use, I found that they seemed to “mesh-up” pretty easily. I did not find the CAST site to be user-friendly since you really could not move to different formats. I think over all it is one more way to build a lesson plan, no better than the format my school district uses at this current time, but also no worse.

I am not certain as to the strength of my lesson plan that I designed; however, I felt that as a teacher I could read it quickly, understand and use it. In the long run, a lesson plan that a teacher will use and understand is better than a lesson plan that a teacher cannot understand or want to use.